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Money management tools
"CareOne offers programs like Member Benefits Service that help you live within your budget and save money on everyday expenses."Brad H., Jackson, KYCareOne Customer

Developing a budget and planning to save can be overwhelming and time consuming, especially when you factor in debt reduction, too. That's why we've created free money management tools to help you get through the process - so you can budget better, save more, and quickly pay off your creditors.

Debt Payment Pro

If you want to get out of debt, and can afford to make your current payments, then Debt Payment Pro is for you. This program will provide you with a detailed payment schedule, telling you what to pay and when, so you save the most money in interest charges.

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The Learning Center

Expand your money management skills with FDIC's self-paced education program. This instructional program will help you be smart about your money, covering a wide range of topics from starting a bank account to buying a house!

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Budget Planner

It's much easier to start effective money management when you can see where you're spending right now. This worksheet can help you get your finances in order, one step at a time.

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The Real Money Prepaid Visa® Card

Enjoy the convenience of a credit card and the benefits of full banking services, all in one card!

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Member Benefits Services

Get access to discounts, savings, and more, across the country and right at home.

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Quizzes and Polls

What's your debt IQ? Take one of our quizzes and find out how much you know about financial fitness.

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Our Other Services

Find out about our other benefits and programs, all designed to make your life easier and help you save.

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