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Budget Planning Tool

A "must-have" in your financial tool box is a good budget planner. Budget planning helps identify exactly where your money comes from, and where it goes. This will help you identify areas for improvement and savings.

How Does Budgeting Relate to Debt Consolidation and Debt Relief?

When you're considering debt consolidation, an important first step is reviewing all your income and expenses. Once you have your entire budget laid out, you'll begin to find items that can be reduced or eliminated. This helps you find more money to put towards your monthly payments which will help get you out of debt in less time.

"When I first started to apply extra money towards my debt relief plan, I did it in small amounts. However, when I started seeing that just $25 more a month was taking months off of my estimated completion time - and decreased the interest I was going to have to pay - I got excited! I started challenging myself to find more ways to cut money so that I could apply more money to resolving my debt." - Monica D., CareOne graduate.

Consistent budget planning and re-evaluation of your finances can help you realize your debt relief goals efficiently and effectively. By showing you ways to cut expenses and maximize your efforts you can take back control of your finances and stay on track.

Use our online budget planner tool below today, or download our free budget planning guide.

Just enter your estimates below to begin. Click the "View as Graph" button when you've completed the form.

Click the calculator icon to help determine some of your monthly expenses. If you aren't sure about an amount, enter an estimate.

Budget Results
Estimated Monthly Income:
Estimated Monthly Income: $ 0.00
Estimated Monthly Expenses
Mortgage/Insurance/Prop Taxes : $
Rent/Insurance : $
Home Repair/Maintenance/Assoc Dues : $
Electric/Gas/Heating Oil : $
Water/Sewage/Trash Collection: $
Groceries/Household/Toiletries: $
Entertainment/Restaurants : $
Internet/Cable TV/Satellite TV: $
Telephone/Cell Phone/Pager: $
Clothing/Haircuts/Dry Cleaning: $
Gifts/Donations: $
Vehicle Payments : $
Vehicle Insurance: $
Other Transportation Costs : $
Child Support/Care : $
Dependent Care/Activities : $
Education/Student Loans : $
Health/Life Insurance: $
Medicines/Doctor/Dentist : $
Other Expenses : $
Estimated Expense Total: $ 0.00
Estimated Disposable Income: $ 0.00

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