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"CareOne has allowed me to consolidate my debt into one easy payment and save about $300 a month."Michele K., North Ridgeville, OHCareOne Customer

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March 2013

What's the first thing you'll do once you've completed your debt relief plan?

The Winning Entry

"As soon as I have completed my debt relief plan I will be on the route to starting a family with my soon-to-be husband. In addition with doing debt relief now we are creating a "baby bank" of savings; strictly reserved for our future child so that when he/she wishes to attend college funds will available. We vow to not use credit cards ever again and are constantly seek ways to trim our budget. One of the best tools that we have created is our "Just Once" list. Weekly we make out a plan of groceries and go to the market for what is strictly on that list as well as run errands like going to the bank; we only make a trip once a week to take care of everything on the list. This avoids spur of the moment purchases and saves on gas since we are only making trips “just once”! We estimate that we’ve saved over $150 a month this way."

Holly J., Crowley, TX

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Notable Mention

"I will continue to use CareOne’s website and newsletters for advice to stay in the black. I will use the information that CareOne gives me to make a budget for my life. I will budget for extra spending and vacations that are fun. I will do what it takes to better manage my spending whether its bills or personal spending. CareOne is helping me to achieve the financial goals in life that I’ve never been able to reach."

Lance C., Mesa, AZ

"The first thing I plan to do is let out a BIG sigh of relief. :-) While letting out this sigh of relief I will continue to keep myself educated on ways to stay debt-free. I was also thinking of taking the payments I'm making now and adding them to the amount I put into my savings. I have taken so many steps forward and I want to continue this by being smart about my money and learning to make good decisions using my money."

Jennifer E., Houston, TX

"PARTY! I just started the plan and by the time I'm scheduled to finish I will have my debts paid off and my car paid off too. That will be an extra $480 in my checking a month! Woo Hoo! I'll start saving the money for emergencies or vacation (my daughter wants to go to Disneyland… I hear it at least once a week). I may save up to move closer to my family across the country. Or I'll pay extra on my student loans. I'll just be happy to have wiggle room in the monthly bills and not have to struggle with living paycheck to paycheck and have better overall financial security. "

Melisa C., Redding, CA

"Once I'm done with my plan I'm putting my "would be" payments straight into a savings account to save up for a vacation for me and my wife. We've never (ever) been on a vacation so we're pretty excited that CareOne has given us the means to be able to live with a budget that will allow us to have this opportunity. We no longer use credit cards for anything; if we need or want something we save up for it. Care One has been super easy and always helpful and available whenever we've needed them. Thank you CareOne!"

Carl R., Hampton, WV

"II want to set up a college fund for my son. He is 11 years old and in middle school. To me, education is so important and he is intelligent and does very well in school. I recently graduated with my Bachelor's at 42 years old and my son was there cheering me on. I wanted to show him what hard work truly brings rewards like being proud of yourself. Not to mention the contribution to society and, hopefully, a future where he can live his dreams. He is already talking about being an electrical engineer. I will do anything to support him and his search for the right college. I don't want my son to be in debt so the less he has to borrow and I can give him the better. The money I paid every month to get my debt cleared up will now go into a much bigger investment my son's future."

ToniMarie B., Schiller Park, IL

"The first thing I'll do is put more in a savings account for me and my son. I know it is imperative for me to have a true emergency fund. Life happens and sometimes it happens to over and over again no matter how well we plan. It will be nice to know that I have a nice cushion to fall on if necessary! "

Kimberly J., Tupelo, MS

"Like a lot of people on care one I am not a young person; I turned 70 this past December. But since I have been with CareOne I have more money to use for things I need in life. I can now go out with friends and don't have to say no because I didn't have the money. When my debt is complete I will have the relief in my old age and not have to leave my family with my mistakes. Also I will have a little more money for myself. I am so happy I decided to join for my peace of mind. "

Joyce Z., Garner, NC

"I will set back in my rocker relax and think about what it means to be debt-free. Then I will think about being out of debt for the first time in my life; what a good feeling that will be. After that I will call the family and go have a nice meal so I can tell them how important it is to stay out of debt and about your company and how you helped me accomplish this great feeling. "

Kenneth S., Jackson, MI