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"Thanks to CareOne, I was out of debt in October. I am so grateful to CareOne for all of their wisdom and great coaches!"Angela G., Mukilteo, WACareOne Customer

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Struggling with Debt

"I came to CareOne to make a serious change. CareOne has allowed me to consolidate my debt into one easy payment. Not only does this save me about $300 a month, it eases my mind to know that all my bills will be paid the same day every month...I know I am taking steps in the right direction!" Michele K., North Ridgeville, OH

Nancy T. describes using her credit card to make ends meet and how the bills continued to mount. Watch this Video Now

"I'm too ashamed to discuss my debt with my family or friends. Sometimes my financial situation consumes my thoughts. Being with CareOne has helped a lot. I've worked on a budget & soon I'll be in a position to increase my monthly payment slightly. I'm counting down the time until I'm debt free." Community member Lin1

Sarah & Joseph T. explain how escalating credit card interest rates prohibited them from being able to pay down their debt. Watch this Video Now

"It sure gives me hope finding people doing the same stupid credit card dance that I try to do and get out of the trouble that comes with it. You make me feel like I'm making the right choice in asking for someone to help." Phil K., Sterling, VA

Janet M. describes how a divorce caused her to rely on credit cards to make up for an unexpected loss of income. Watch this Video Now

"I am single and in debt. I feel like I'm drowning and I'm so ashamed. I can't tell anyone about it. I feel so foolish and sometimes I can't sleep because it is all I can think about." Community member Jilldc77