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"CareOne has allowed me to consolidate my debt into one easy payment and save about $300 a month."Michele K., North Ridgeville, OHCareOne Customer

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Sharing and Learning with Others

Nancy T. explains how CareOne's (formerly The Freedom Point) online community is great for connecting and sharing with other customers going through similar experiences. Watch this Video Now

"We consider the CareOne coaches as our partners helping us with our situation. We work hard and it is nice to see that someone will give us a break when we need it." Brandon A., Omaha, NE

"I remember the feelings that I had when I first started and I am now halfway finished with my program and it has been the best choice that I could have made for me and my family. I had creditors calling me before coming to CareOne and I have not heard from them since except to congratulate me on taking charge of my finances." Community member SBKB

Janet M. describes using the CareOne community (formerly The Freedom Point) to gather tips and advice on managing her bills. Watch this Video Now

"Please know that you are not alone. There are a lot of us single parents holding it together as best we can." Community member Joyful77

"Everyone that I've worked with at the company has been very pleasant and helpful. I wouldn't hesitate recommending the company to others." Frank B., Newberry, FL