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"CareOne offers programs like Member Benefits Service that help you live within your budget and save money on everyday expenses."Brad H., Jackson, KYCareOne Customer

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Gaining Control of My Money

Sarah & Joseph T. express their feelings about money after being on a CareOne (formerly The Freedom Point) program for several years. Watch this Video Now

"I've been with CareOne a year now and have been able to open up a savings account!" Renee G., Sumner, IL

"Since starting with CareOne, I set a limit on my spending each month by putting the money in an envelope for each type of expense. Thanks for helping me get back on track." Stacey F., Wausau, WI

"I have now made a budget that I stick to. I have also started a 401(k) through work." Kimberly M., Lincoln, NE

"I've learned to keep my expenses low and keep track of them. It's not how much money I earn, it's how much I can keep!" Dennis M., Kearney, NE

"Thanks to CareOne, I actually feel good about making my financial decisions." Justin G., Greenville, OH

"I don't know what I would have done without this program. It has been a tremendous help... my debt is almost completely gone!" Tracey M., Detroit, MI

Sarah T. from Smithfield, UT was featured on the Real Money radio show. Listen to her experience with CareOne (formerly The Freedom Point) and how her relationship with money has changed dramatically since working with CareOne. Listen Now