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"CareOne offers programs like Member Benefits Service that help you live within your budget and save money on everyday expenses."Brad H., Jackson, KYCareOne Customer

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Finding Relief with CareOne

"CareOne has helped me consolidate my debt into a monthly payment I can afford. Best of all, the phone calls from creditors have stopped. I've gotten the results I've wanted." Frank B., Newberry, FL

Sarah & Joseph T. describe the positive experience of getting CareOne's (formerly The Freedom Point) debt management program under way. Watch this Video Now

"With the help of CareOne, we've been able to keep more money each month by paying less in interest to our creditors. The debt we have drops each month!" Marquita B., Dayton, OH

Nancy T. explains how she connected with CareOne's (formerly The Freedom Point) approach to getting out of debt and staying out of debt. Watch this Video Now

"One of the biggest benefits about being on a CareOne program is having my credit card interest rates lowered. I'm also glad I no longer have to worry about getting all my bills paid on time. They handle everything for me!" Roland H., Medina, OH

Nancy T. recounts how the process of enrolling in a CareOne (formerly The Freedom Point) program, with a CareOne coach, went over the phone. Watch this Video Now

"It was a huge relief and major stress reducer when I signed up with CareOne!" Amy D., Woodruff, WI