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Quiz: How's Your Financial Health?

Evidence of financial turmoil abounds—it seems like every day there's news of a stock market plunge, a new bank in crisis, or another reason to fear recession. At times like this, it's important to take stock of your own personal financial health—not just what's in your bank account, but also how your finances are influencing your physical and mental well-being. There's good reason to think that your financial life has a big impact on your health: a recent survey by the American Psychological Association, for example, found that money is the top stressor for American adults, and close to 60 percent of adults credit money and work with their stress level. Are you letting financial stressors get the better of you? Take this quiz to find out how your mind and your money interact—and what you can do to maintain your financial security and your personal stability at the same time.

Quiz Questions:

1. If you were asked to give a rough estimate of your financial net worth, could you do so quickly?
Yes, I always have a good sense of how much money I have in the bank.
Yes. I know that I'm not worth anything!
No, I know that I have a fair amount of savings but don't know exactly how much it is at any given time.
No, I let someone else manage my finances and generally am not aware of how much money I have.

2. Which is the debt obligation in your life that causes you the most stress?
College or other educational loans.
My mortgage.
Credit card debt.
I maintain a debt-free lifestyle.

3. What is your primary source of income?
My job.
Inheritance or interest earned on savings.
Unemployment or welfare checks.
I don't currently have a steady source of income.

4. When you’re upset about a financial problem, who is the first person you usually speak with?
My spouse or partner.
A close friend, neighbor, or religious professional.
A financial adviser.
No one. I’m too embarrassed to talk to anyone about my financial problems.

5. How stable is your job?
I'm not sure. I work hard, but I'm not aware of how my company as a whole is doing or what could happen to me if things took a turn for the worse.
I feel secure now, but in this economy, anything can happen.
I'm self-employed and fully in control of my own security.
Extremely unstable. I'm likely to get fired or laid off very soon, or have no job.

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