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Quiz: Are You Living Beyond Your Means?

Maybe it’s the rising costs of gas, food, and housing. Perhaps it’s the fact that salaries aren’t growing as quickly as inflation. Or maybe it’s just a constant pressure to keep up with the Joneses. No matter what the reasons, many Americans are living far beyond their means—and digging themselves deeper and deeper into debt. According to the U.S. Commerce Department, in recent years the nation has seen some of the lowest personal savings rates since the Great Depression. Have you become accustomed to a lifestyle you can’t afford? Take our quiz to find out if you’re living beyond your means.

Quiz Questions:

1. What percentage of your gross income do you generally save?
More than 20 percent.
10 to 20 percent.
5 to 9 percent.
Less than 5 percent.

2. What percentage of your gross income goes toward your rent or mortgage?
More than 30 percent.
25 to 30 percent.
15 to 24 percent.
Less than 15 percent.

3. Do you pay off the entire balance of your credit card every month?
Yes, I always pay off the balance in full.
I try to pay it off, but sometimes I fall behind.
No, I never pay off the entire balance.

4. What’s your credit score?
More than 760.
700 to 760.
600 to 699.
Less than 600.

5. Do you have a budget?
Yes, and I always stick to it.
Yes, and I usually stick to it.
Yes, but I rarely stick to it.
No, I don’t have a budget.

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