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On Track - Dealing with Debt Collectors - Know Your Rights
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October 2007

Dear Friend,
Dealing with collection calls while working to get out of debt can be stressful. Professional collectors can be relentless when tracking down past due bills. Although, it may not seem like it at times, there are rules collectors have to follow, and there are laws to protect you from strong-arm tactics. Knowing your consumer rights can help level the playing field. In this edition of On Track, we'll outline the basic rights you have as a consumer in debt, so you'll know when a collector has crossed the line and what to do about it.
Dealing with Debt Collectors - Know Your Rights

Quick Quote When working toward getting out of debt, it's likely that you may cross paths with a collection agency - a third party agency hired by your creditor to collect on your debt. Some collectors are more aggressive than others. It's important to know your rights as a consumer so that you don't fall victim to an aggressive collector employing unscrupulous methods. If you have past due accounts, it's important to know how to effectively deal with collectors and what recourse you have when confronted with overly aggressive tactics.

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Ask an Expert

  I have one creditor that is still sending me notices to get my account from being over the limit. I have never missed a payment before until September's payment to them. Now of course with interest and what I charged it is over the limit and behind. I know they received your payment that was made but what do I do if they continue to call and ask for the rest.

I only have three creditors on the program and two I am in great standing with. One has already contacted me and informed me they have accepted the program...it's just the one that I missed ONE payment on before starting this program (I had some unexpected bills come up at the end of August) is still wanting what is over the limit and behind. Any help or advice in what to tell them would be great!

- Debbie

  Good evening Debbie and thank you for posting in the Community,

Was your payment in September the first one on your Plan? It can take up to three consecutive payments on your Plan before the creditors accept the proposals. It is great that one of the creditors already accepted!

Your situation can be challenging when dealing with a creditor where you fell short on just one payment. When you answer the phone it is a good to idea to explain your situation, explain that you joined a credit counseling plan, and they will receive their payment on a consistent basis from now on.

Please be patient. I am sure it will get much better for you very shortly.

Keep us posted on your success, share your story, and feel free to post any questions here in the Community.

Thank you for posting,

Rob Taylor
Financial Fitness Coach

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