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On Track - Grocery Savings
OnTrack - The CareOne Newsletter
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September 2007

Dear Friend,
Next to housing, groceries account for the largest percentage of most American family's budgets. Even if you are single, the cost can sky-rocket because smaller quantities can cost more "per unit" than larger quantities. In this issue of On Track, we'll examine some proven strategies that you can adopt that will allow you to eat healthy and still cut down on your food bill.
The Super Market, on a Super Budget

Quick Quote For most families, the grocery bill is the biggest variable expense in their budget - and provides the most opportunity to save money. With a little planning and effort, you can implement strategies that can help significantly trim your grocery bill each month. To maximize savings: investigate where are the best places to shop; plan your shopping trip thoroughly; and utilize strategies to ensure you are paying the lowest possible price.

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Financial Toolkit

Spending StatMember Benefit Services - Grocery Coupons are a Great Way to Save!
Enjoy savings on grocery items you use every day! Your Grocery Coupon Certificate Booklet entitles you to hundreds of dollars worth of grocery coupons each year. Choose from a list of 1,000 different coupons ranging in values up to $2.00! Simply visit www.fsabenefits.com and follow the link and order your Grocery Coupon Booklet to take full advantage of this featured benefit!

Are you taking advantage of Member Benefit Services? If not, contact our customer care department at 888-888-CARE and find out if you qualify.
Ask an Expert


I've been reading a lot about the DMP's, and love the idea of them a lot more than debt settlement.

I'm in the process of looking for a second job and was wondering how the payment process works. Can I make an extra payment to help speed along the process?

What's the success rate for people that join?

I have roughly 30,000 in debt and know it's going to take me a while to get out, but I'm ready to start.



  Good morning Gary,

Absolutely. Any payment amount that is greater than the minimum due to the creditor has to be applied to the principal. If you can do that early on, it will help save more on finance charges.

You are in charge of how successful you are. If you follow some of our suggestions and are an active participant in your program, you will succeed.

Give one of our certified counselors a call at 1-888-888-CARE. I am sure they will be happy to assist you.

Thank you for posting,

Rob Taylor
Financial Fitness Coach

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Buy the Family Pack and Save.
Freedom from High Meat Prices - When buying meat at the grocery store, look for "family packs" or "value packs". These bundles of beef cost less per pound and you can divide the meat up and freeze what you don't use right away. The point of this Pointer: Buy in bulk, save in bulk.
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See how last month's winner, Angie D., from Kirkwood, MO manages to send her students back to school without spending a fortune.
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Tell us how you manage to keep your grocery bill under control and you could be the winner of a $250 gift card.
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People are talking about Grocery Savings.
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