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On Track - Back to School Savings
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August 2007

Dear Friend,
It's almost time to head back to school and that can mean big bucks if you aren't careful. The cost of new outfits, backpacks, notebooks, and calculators can really add up. The good news is that you can gear your student up for the new school year without going broke as long as you work together and establish a strategy. In this issue of On Track, we will look at ways to prepare for the new school year that will keep both your student and your budget happy.
Back to School Savings

Quick Quote If you have school-age children, you probably have mixed feelings about the approach of a new school year. You may be looking forward to the relative peace and quiet of having them back in school after a long summer break. At the same time, you are probably dreading the preparation and expense involved in getting them ready to head back. The key to smart shopping for the new school year is to have a plan. It helps if you start early, but if you haven't begun yet, there's no need to panic. There's still plenty you can do to keep the costs down while still sending your child back to school well equipped to hit the books.

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Financial Toolkit

Spending StatReward Yourself - Success on the Debt Management Plan
We are pleased to announce that we have another Quarterly Prize Winner for our "Reward Yourself" contest, as well as three new monthly winners!

Quarterly Prize
Kimberly W., Louisville, KY won our quarterly prize of $5000! - Just for making her payments on time!
"My experience with CareOne has been fantastic. I did a lot of research on various credit-counseling agencies and CareOne's reputation, credibility and customer service convinced me that they were the right choice.� The first time I spoke with a CareOne Solutions Coach, my apprehension disappeared.� The Coach was informative, helpful and treated me with respect."

June Winner
Aimee H., Owensboro, KY

May Winner
Raul E., Newport News, VA

April Winner
Jill N., Warren, OH

Timely, consistent payments are the key to success on a debt management program (DMP). Creditors expect it in order to extend the benefits that help you get out of debt quickly. CareOne developed the "Reward Yourself" program as a fun way to emphasize this important aspect of the DMP.

Each month that you make your monthly payment on time, you are automatically entered into a drawing to have your next payment made by CareOne - up to $500!

Make your payment on time three months in a row, and you are automatically entered into our quarterly drawing to have your DMP balance paid off - up to $5000!
Ask an Expert

  I have a variety of creditors with different amounts in debt. Will you let me know when each is paid in full or do I need to call you and have it taken off?
- amroesener

  Good morning amroesener,

Are you receiving statements from these creditors? If so, it is up to you to review them each month and then notify us when the creditor is paid off. If not, I would suggest you contact each creditor and request monthly statements.

Many of our successful customers have let us know that they kept a file for their program that included monthly statements from their creditors, and statements from CareOne. This allowed them to track their progress, and then call when one was paid off and have that payment allocated to another creditor.

I look forward to hearing back from you!

Thank you for posting,

Rob Taylor
Financial Fitness Coach

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Freedom to Prioritize Supplies - Make a list of everything you have and everything you still need to get the kids ready for returning to school.� Once you know what you still need prioritize the items by importance.� Look for the best deals on each item and if your budget limit is reached before the list is complete, at least the items that have to be skipped will be the least important.� The point of this Pointer: Make a budget and stick to it when shopping for back to school items. Just be sure to prioritize your shopping so your child doesn't have to make do without an important item.
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See how last month's winner, John L., from Irving, TX keeps cool in the summertime without driving up his electric bill.
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Tell us how you prepare your children for the new school year without spending a fortune and you could be the winner of a $250 gift card.
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