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IN THIS ISSUE: Simple Budgeting Strategies to Keep You on Target, How to Create a Meal Plan to Save, Focusing on the Positive in 2010, and More...

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Budgeting Strategies to Keep You on Target Simple Budgeting Strategies to Help You Stay on Target All Year Long

Most people ring in the New Year with the best of intentions. They promise to pay down their debt, curb their spending, and start saving for the future. In some cases, they even write a detailed list of New Year�s resolutions aimed at improving their financial fitness.

All too often, however, these same people revert to their old habits in a matter of weeks or even days. Why the lack of staying power? Most of the time, they don�t have strategies designed to help them achieve their financial goals.

Read on as we reveal eight simple budgeting strategies that can help you stay on target in 2010 and beyond.  

I lived outside of my means for far too long. I had so much unsecured debt and was just making minimum payments each month. Then, although nervous, I joined CareOne. This will be my second payment on my plan and one creditor has already accepted the proposal! I have also made major life changes and am cutting back on my spending. I cook more meals and have a set budget. I also prepare grocery lists and take a calculator with me to the grocery store. CareOne has a projected payoff date of 4 years. At this rate, my goal is 2 1/2 years! - Pency P., Salisbury, NC

December Results Are In!
The Results Are In! 1,504 customers paid off over $27,957,500 in the month of December. Congratulations on a strong finish!
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Quick TipQuick Tip: Plan Your Meals in Advance to Save

One of the best ways to save on groceries is to plan your meals in advance. So take an hour or so each week to create breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus. Not only will this enable you to avoid pricey last-minute trips to the grocery store; it will minimize the temptation to eat out and order in. When planning your menus, try to keep in mind what�s on sale that week at the supermarket and what�s in season. Check out our Plan Your Meals to Save guide for more information.

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One of my balances will be at zero after two more payments. Will my total payment due amount be changed, or will that extra payment money go toward another bill?


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