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IN THIS ISSUE: How to Build Your Nest Egg and Make It Last, Planning for Retirement, 401(k) Strategies, and More...

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Build Your Nest Egg 9 Simple Ways to Build Your Nest Egg

Maybe you�d love to travel the world. Maybe you�d like to focus on a favorite hobby. Or maybe you�re eager to move closer to your grandchildren. No matter what your retirement goals, chances are, there�s a certain way you imagine spending your golden years.

But according to a recent study, most U.S. pre-retirees don�t have the nest eggs they need to fund the retirement lifestyles they expect. How can you avoid the same fate? Read on as we reveal nine ways to build your nest egg and make it last 


My husband and I were looking forward to retirement, but triple bypass
heart surgery completely destroyed this dream. We were trying to pay
down a huge amount of credit card debt, but the immense medical bills
were forcing us to consider bankruptcy. I began to search for a more
"noble" way out. That's when I found CareOne. CareOne provided a
way for us to become debt free within 5 years! - Peggy W., Graham, NC

November Results Are In!
The Results Are In! 1,390 customers paid off over $26,904,600 in the month of November! Congratulations on a strong finish!
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Quick TipQuick Tip: Max Out Your 401(k)

If you're fortunate enough to work for a company that offers a 401(k) plan, sign up tomorrow�and contribute the maximum.  Many employers will match a percentage of your contribution. So, if you put in a dollar, your company may give you a dollar for free up to a certain percentage of your pay. Most 401(k) plans are funded through payroll deductions, so you won�t even notice the withdrawal because it never actually hits your bank account. Your employer will probably have a fund manager who administers your 401k plan; just be sure to watch for hidden fees. Bottom line: Don�t pass up free money if your company offers a guaranteed return on your investment.

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Investing In Good Health!

Savvy Spender How do you plan for a comfortable lifestyle in your golden years? Savvy Spender shares how she invests in good health to save for her retirement.
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You could win a $250 gift card just for telling us how you save during the holidays. Get started now!
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Brought to you by CareOne service providers, Debt Free U offers young consumers striving for financial fitness a fresh perspective on money management.
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