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Go Green and Save Money 10 Ways to Save on Holiday Gifts

For many people, the holidays are the most wonderful time of the year�a special season for family, friends, and festive parties. But there�s another side to the merriment: According to a Consumer Reports survey, in 2008 roughly 12 million Americans were still paying off credit card debt for holiday purchases they�d made the year before.

Think of it as a financial hangover�one that starts before New Year�s Eve and snowballs throughout the year. The number-one culprit in the seasonal debt trap? Gift-giving.
The good news is, you don�t have to be a Scrooge to cut back on gift-giving expenses. This year, follow these 10 tips to give thoughtful holiday gifts�without breaking the bank.

"A little over two years ago, my husband and I were struggling with never ending debt and felt hopeless. Today we paid off our fourth credit card�even though my husband lost his job seven months ago. CareOne is the reason we've made it this far and the credit lessons they have taught us will prevent anything like this from happening again!"  - Liza L., Rapid City, SD

October Results Are In!

Results Are In!

1,866 customers paid off over $31,034,000 in the month of October!

Congratulations on a strong finish!

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Quick TipQuick Tip: Save Money on Gift Wrap

When you�re trying to cut costs on gifts, don�t overlook the expense of gift-wrap and bows. The best time to stock up on these items is after the holidays, when they�re deeply discounted. But if you need these supplies immediately, take a trip to the dollar store, and if you need to buy a lot of them, look for bulk deals online. With a little creativity, you can also use newspaper, brown paper bags, or even photocopy paper to create beautifully packaged presents. Another good way to cut costs is by reusing the gift-wrap you receive to wrap the presents you�re giving�that way, you�ll save money and preserve the environment!

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