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OnTrack - Beat the Heat, Without Battering Your Budget
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July 2007

Dear Friend,
Trying to stay cool in the summer without driving up your energy bill can be a challenge. Luckily, there are alternatives to just cranking up the air conditioning. Some don't cost a dime. Others may take a small investment. But with a little common sense, effort and smart purchases, you can stay comfortable this season without racking up a huge energy bill. In this edition of On Track we'll examine some ideas for staying cool while on a budget.
Beat the Heat, Without Battering Your Budget

Quick Quote Summer is here and with it comes lots of sun and relentless heat. It's only natural to want to stay as cool as possible, but unfortunately, one of the most expensive systems to run in a home is air-conditioning. With a little bit of planning, you can reduce your dependence on air conditioning or at least limit how much you use it and in turn limit the amount you pay for electricity. To help you get started, we've put together some inexpensive ways to keep cool when the temperature rises.

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If you belong to Member Benefit Services through CareOne, the Savers Club Book will help you take advantage of everyday discounts and services available to members only. Savers Club offers dollar-stretching discounts on everything - rental cars, entertainment, and up to 50% off lodging!
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Ask an Expert

  How can I get the phone call from creditors to stop?
- sunshine870

  Dear sunshine870,

Thank you for visiting our community and posting your question. Creditors are calling to collect payment; the best way to make them stop is to get on a consistent payment program, such as credit counseling, with a CareOne Service Provider. After three consecutive payments, the phone calls will subside.

I would encourage you to learn about your rights as a consumer. I am not an attorney, and I cannot give legal advice, but I can tell you that creditors are not allowed to contact you at work after you have asked them not to. That is your right as a consumer. I know this can be very difficult to go through. I have had this happen to friends, people I lived with, and even myself. The best thing to do is make a phone call and admit that you need help. We are available to assist you from 7:00am - 12:00am, Monday through Friday at 1-800-CARE123 (1-800-227-3123)

Thank you again for your posting and I am sure we can help.

Rob Taylor
Financial Fitness Coach

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Freedom to Spend Less on Energy - If you have rooms that aren't being used, like a spare bedroom or guest bathroom, shut off the vents and keep the door closed. There's no sense paying extra money to your utility company to heat or cool a room you rarely use.
The Point of This Pointer: Shutting vents off in rooms you rarely use, could save you 10% or more on your energy costs.
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See how last month's winner, Kerrie K., from Clinton, IA keeps fit without spending a lot of cash.
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Tell us how you manage to stay cool in the summertime without driving up your electric bill and you could be the winner of a $250 gift card.
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People are talking about the best way to lower utility bills.
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