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Save on Health Care Ten Ways to Save on Health Care

No matter what your opinion on U.S. health care reform, chances are, you�re paying more for medically related expenses than you ever expected to be. In fact, Americans are currently spending more on their health than at any time in history.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to save on medical expenses, such as insurance, tests, and prescriptions, without compromising the quality of your care. What�s more, you may even be able to obtain important exams and services for free. To get started, check out these 10 simple ways to save 


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Quick TipQuick Tip: Qualifying for Subsidized Health Care

All too often, people assume they're ineligible for low-cost health care without doing their research. To find out about subsidized coverage for infants, children, and teens, visit InsureKidsNow.gov and select your state of residence, or call 877-KIDS NOW (1-877-543-7669). In addition, be sure to check out CoverTheUninsured.org and MedlinePlus.com for more information. If you've recently lost your job and your company has more than 20 employees, you should be entitled to extend your health insurance for up to 18 months under COBRA laws. And anyone over the age of 65 should be eligible for Medicare, which covers many in-hospital and outpatient costs and extends coverage to those who are permanently disabled or have a chronic illness.

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My fiancé and I recently joined CareOne, but last week, he got laid off from his job. Can you give us some guidance on how to keep up with the DMP payments?


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