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IN THIS ISSUE: 10 Ways to Save at the Supermarket, How to Plan Your Grocery Lists, What You Should Know About Sales Displays, and More...

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Save at the Supermarket 10 Ways to Save at the Supermarket

Nearly $2 for a loaf of bread? Almost $4 for a gallon of milk? More than $5 for a box of cereal? If it seems like you?re spending a small fortune at the supermarket, you probably are. Nowadays, the average American family of four spends more than $8,000 on groceries each year. But luckily, there are steps you can take to reduce your sticker shock, stretch your grocery dollar, and start saving at the supermarket. Follow these 10 tips to get started. 

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Quick TipQuick Tip: Don't Fall for Sales Displays

A store may have an elaborate display for a certain product, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's a bargain. Be sure to check the aisle where the product is usually sold to see if there are other brands being sold for less. In addition, remember that most generic versions are more affordable than name brands, and buying in bulk at warehouse clubs, such as Sam?s or Costco, may save you more in the long run. The bottom line: A little investigating in the supermarket can save you a lot of money in the checkout line.

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