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IN THIS ISSUE: 8 Little-Known Tax Write Offs, Money Mom Shares Her Strategy for Using Tax Refunds Wisely, How to Donate Your Old Computer, and More...

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Little Known Tax Write Offs

8 Little-Known Tax Write Offs


In these volatile economic times, saving is more important than ever. But all too often, people who are trying to cut expenses end up overpaying on their taxes. In fact, as many as 2 million Americans shell out more money to Uncle Sam than they really owe every year. Are you overlooking tax breaks that could save you money? Read on to learn more about eight little-known write offs.





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Quick Tip: Don't Dump It, Donate It


If you're about to replace your old computer, search the Web for a reputable computer donation charity, such as Computers With Causes. If you call their toll-free number or fill out the online computer donation form , the organization will provide you with a drop-off location near you, even if your computer is no longer working. Some of the company's donations have helped deployed U.S. soldiers further their educations. With your donation, you will also receive a receipt so you can claim it as a tax deduction.



Blog: Putting Your Refund to Good Use


Money Mom shares her plans for the tax refund she's expecting.



Share the Wealth

Share the Wealth


You could win a $250 gift card just for telling us about your most effective cost-cutting strategy. Get started now!


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It's important to monitor, analyze, and rebalance your budget on an ongoing basis. Use our budget planner tool to start crunching your numbers.



Ask the Expert


When I get a statement in the mail, is it okay for me to send a little extra to the creditor?


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