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CareOne On Track Newsletter - Vacationing on a Shoestring
In this issue: Dealing with Rising Gas Prices; the Savvy Spender looks at driving smarter; and more...
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Dealing with Rising Gas Prices

With gas prices rising, and no relief in sight, looking for ways to manage your transportation cost is just common sense. Whether it's a drastic move like trading in your gas-guzzler for a hybrid vehicle, or adopting simple changes in habit like combining your errands into one trip, we can all benefit by evaluating our current routines and making some practical changes.
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Quiz: Diagnose Your Debt IQ
True or False: When it comes to saving money on a car purchase, the most important thing to consider is the sticker price.
Quick Tip - Save on Commuting
When possible, take advantage of daily commuter carpools and ride-share programs, either those set up by government agencies in your area...or with neighbors in your community. There are many advantages. In addition to dramatically reducing fuel costs, multiple riders speed along in the less crowded High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes. The Point of this Pointer: You can cut your weekly fuel costs in half and save wear and tear on your car if you share driving chores with other commuters.
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Blog - Savvy Spender
Savvy Spender This month, the Savvy Spender tackles paying less at the pump.
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Share the Wealth Share the Wealth
Gas prices don't look like they are coming down any time soon. What are you doing to keep your transportation costs manageable?

Answer this question and you will have a shot at a $250 gift card.

See how last Month's winner, Susan W., from Kings Park, NY is using her tax rebate!
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Financial Literacy Month Budget Planner
You've probably noticed that in addition to prices going up at the pump, the prices you are paying for groceries and other goods are creeping up as well. This is because stores have to pass on their increased expense. You need to account for these increases by periodically re-evaluating your budget. Using our budget planner tool can help you maintain an up-to-date budget.
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Ask an ExpertAsk the Expert

I am new to CareOne, and have a quick question. I am already one month behind on my credit cards, and nearing two.  What if I can't pay the monthly charges?

-F. Hartwell
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