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CareOne On Track Newsletter - Avoiding Mortgage Foreclosure
In this issue: Avoiding Mortgage Foreclosure; plus - Bernie's new Blog; Reward Yourself and more...
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Avoiding Mortgage Foreclosure

If you're a homeowner, a big concern is making sure you can make your mortgage payment each month. Falling behind on payments could lead to foreclosure. Since the consequences are so serious, every homeowner should be aware of what to do if an unexpected event causes them to experience difficulty making their mortgage payment.
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Quiz: Diagnose Your Debt IQ
True or False: The mortgage insurance that is required when you put down less than 20% on a home purchase will pay your mortgage payments if you lose your job.
Quick Tip - Evaluate Your Housing Requirements
If you're struggling with bills, make sure you evaluate all your options. For example, when children move out, many people find themselves with more house than they need. This means a higher housing payment than is necessary, and the associated higher utilities and maintenance costs. Consider moving to a less expensive residence. The point of this Pointer: Don't pay for more house than you need, consider downsizing to get your budget under control.
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Bernie's Blog
Bernies Blog This month, CareOne's founder offers insight on what to do if you are struggling to make your monthly mortgage payments.
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Share the Wealth Share the Wealth
Planning for unexpected expenses is a smart thing to do. What's the best way you've found to establish an emergency fund?

Answer this question and you will have a shot at a $250 gift card.

See what last Month's winner, Colleen A., from Chico, CA does to have fun in the winter on a limited budget!
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Reward Yourself Reward Yourself - With On-Time DMP Payments!
Making your monthly DMP payments on time automatically enters you into a drawing to have your next payment made - up to $500!

Making your DMP payment on time three months in a row, automatically enters you into our quarterly drawing to have your DMP balance paid off - up to $5000!
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Ask an ExpertAsk the Expert

I was just wondering if I am supposed to call and close my credit cards that I am paying through the program. Do they automatically close when I joined, or do I have to call and ask for them to be closed?
- Lindsi
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