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CareOne On Track Newsletter - Winter Fun on a Budget
In this issue: Winter Fun on a Budget; plus - the "Straight Talk on Debt blog"; local savings through Member Benefit Services; and more...
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Winter Fun on a Budget

On cold winter days it's tempting to spend more time indoors where it's easy to run out of things to do. One solution is to run to a nice cozy mall and spend our way out of boredom. But if you're on a budget, that's probably not a good idea. Don't resign yourself to a long boring winter - with a little imagination you can find plenty to do in the winter without spending beyond your means.
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Quiz: Diagnose Your Debt IQ
True or False: As long as you're not using credit cards, there's no need to check your credit report on a regular basis.
Quick Tip - Traveling Off-Season
Hotels at many destinations have two sets of prices: low season and high season. For example, the Caribbean Islands are popular in the winter, but much more affordable in the summer, and Disneyworld is most expensive during school vacation time and most reasonable right around Labor Day. Weekends can also be more expensive at many destinations, so schedule your trip during the week if possible. The point of this Pointer: Pick an off-season destination to make your vacation dollars go further.
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Straight Talk on Debt Blog
Debt Diva Have you ever wondered how the proposal process works for the Debt Management Plan? Read the latest Straight Talk on Debt Blog to find out all about it!
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Share the Wealth Share the Wealth
The winter can seem long when you're stuck inside. How do you have fun in the winter on a limited budget?

Answer this question and you will have a shot at a $250 gift card.

See what New Year's Resolution last month's winner, Sandra Q. from Marion, NC plans to make (and keep!) to get out of debt.
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Calculator Online Local Savings
Member Benefit Services (MBS) offers a variety of money saving opportunities such as Online Local Savings. Whether you're shopping, dining or enjoying a night out at the movies, Online Local Savings provides value and great savings for your entire family.

Be sure to take advantage of this benefit if you already belong to MBS! To enroll, contact our Customer Care department at 1-800-359-8065.
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Ask an ExpertAsk the Expert

If I am able to pay in full one of my creditors on the plan, do I pay directly to the creditor; and, if so, how do I get the creditor removed from the program once paid? I would like to keep the payment the same and have it applied to the other creditors.
- Sherlockno1
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