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Latest Press Releases

  • CareOne Releases New Student Loan Debt Guide CBS Money Watch March 5, 2013

    CareOne Services, Inc., the largest provider of CareOne Debt Relief Services(R), has released a free, downloadable resource guide targeted at helping those with student loan debt get one step closer to becoming debt-free. The guide, "How to Manage Your Student Loan Debt," walks readers through multiple student loan repayment options and programs, so they can learn which plan can help improve their personal finance situation. Read More.

  • CareOne Closes 2012 with Impressive 2nd Half Results. CBS Money Watch February 13, 2013

    In 2012, CareOne averaged close to $2 billion dollars in debt under management. In the second half of 2012 the settlement side of the business demonstrated impressive growth, doing 4% more deals and adding nearly 5% more unique clients in the second half of the year vs. the first half. In addition, CareOne increased the total amount of debt settled by 8% over the first half of 2012. This translated in to resolving over $2.4 million in debt per day. Read More.

  • CareOne Supports the Debt Movement With Scholarship Yahoo News January 22, 2013

    CareOne Services, Inc., the largest provider of CareOne Debt Relief Services®, has signed on as a supporter of The Debt Movement. The campaign, pioneered by Jeff Rose of Good Financial Cents, launched January 2, 2013—just in time for New Year’s resolutions—and runs through May 31, 2013. Read More.

  • CareOne Honors America’s Troops by Sponsoring College Football’s 2012 Military Bowl Yahoo News December 18, 2012

    As part of the company’s Three-Star Sponsorship of the 2012 Military Bowl, 150 tickets will be donated to active-duty servicemembers on CareOne’s behalf. In addition, CareOne will make a significant in-game presentation to a military family. Read More.

  • Fiscal Cliff Could Compromise Consumers’ Ability to Tackle Personal Debt Read San Francisco Chronicle November 28, 2012

    Debt-laden consumers often struggle to make ends meet because they face significant levels of personal debt,” said Jenny Realo, chief product officer at CareOne Services Inc, the leading provider of debt relief services. “If Washington fails to reach a budget compromise and consumers are forced to pay higher taxes, they’ll have less money to spend on necessities, and their ability to pay down their debt will be severely compromised. Read More.

  • DebtConnect Achieves Impressive 3rd Quarter Gains CBS Money Watch November 13, 2012

    DebtConnect, an innovative debt settlement portal, released their 3rd quarter results for 2012. DebtConnect increased activated settlements 15% over 2nd quarter and now represents over 41% of all settlements activated by debt relief providers. With growing interest among major debt buyers and collection agencies, Creditor adoption of the DebtConnect portal increased a significant 23% in 3rd Quarter with most major creditors already on board. Read More.

  • CareOne Services Inc. Announces New Senior Director of Business Development Yahoo News October 17, 2012

    CareOne Services Inc., the leading provider of debt relief services announces David Smith as its new Senior Director of Business Development. David fills a new role at CareOne as they look to expand their marketing efforts. The selection was made after a national search for an individual with a proven record of success in the financial services category. Read More.

  • CareOne Demonstrates "Care" at Awards Ceremony CBS Money Watch September 26, 2012

    Inviting customers to CareOne headquarters is not new. CareOne has always focused on improving operations and servicing with the help of customer feedback. States Bernie Dancel, founder of CareOne, "Our customers become more than customers, they are part of our family. Our services get our customers out of debt, but with that service is our commitment of support to ensure our customers meet their goals. We invest equally in their success and as a result, the relationship is much more than a transaction. Read More.

  • CareOne Reports Strong First Half 2012 Results San Francisco Chronicle September 12, 2012

    By settling over $400 million in debt, CareOne providers remain industry leaders in debt relief product performance and process innovation. Read More.

  • CareOne Services Inc. Names Circle of Excellence Winners Yahoo News August 30, 2012

    Celebrating the passion and dedication of its employees, CareOne Services Inc. is proud to announce 2012 first and second quarter Circle of Excellence winners. Read More.

  • DebtConnect Online Releases its Next Generation Debt Settlement Portal Inside ARM August 27, 2012

    DebtConnect Online, a debt settlement portal, powered by CareOne technology, will release its new and improved version on September 9th, 2012. This new version will allow creditors and debt buyers to reach settlements faster and easier than ever before. Read More.

  • CareOne Puts the Spotlight on Employees Yahoo News August 14, 2012

    CareOne employees are provided a platform to discuss their debt story, feelings about debt, and how they persevered to overcome their debt. Consumers can benefit from talking with someone who has been through the experience along with the emotional toll that goes along with being in debt. CareOne has found that the connection with their employees’ struggles makes it easier for the consumer to open up about their debt and receive the help they need. Read More.

  • CareOne Puts the Spotlight on Customer Experience Yahoo News July 31, 2012

    The latest data detailing the state of consumer debt makes it clear that many Americans continue to struggle with debt. Unfortunately, many of those same people don’t realize there are solutions to dealing with debt that are readily available to them. Even today with all of the media attention surrounding foreclosures and mounting consumer debt, talking openly about debt remains a social taboo. The inability for those struggling to speak openly about their financial challenges means that trusted resources and information about potential debt relief is harder to come by. Read More.

  • CareOne Services, Inc. Launches Campaign to Hire Customers Yahoo News July 10, 2012

    CareOne, a leading provider of Debt Relief Services is now targeting customers for employment opportunities. Read More.

  • How do you Talk about Debt with Your Family? Houston Chronicle June 19, 2012

    The providers of CareOne Debt Relief Services tackle the debt elephant in the room by asking consumers in the latest “Share the Wealth” contest, “How do you talk about debt with your family?” The stigma associated with debt is a huge challenge that consumers must be prepared to overcome in order to seek help. This is true whether consumers are working alone, with a spouse, a partner or a debt relief provider to improve a financial situation. Read More.

  • CareOne Services, Inc. Provides Free Financial Education for Consumers CBS Money Watch June 5, 2012

    According to a recent poll by CareOne Debt Relief Services, the nation's largest brand of debt relief services, consumers need and want financial education when it comes to saving for retirement. The poll, conducted during Financial Literacy Month, shows 44 percent of respondents were aware of IRA's, while 32 percent were not sure they understood the merits of an IRA. Read More.

  • CareOne Reports Strong 1st Quarter Results Yahoo News May 9, 2012

    CareOne service providers continue as the largest brand of debt relief by announcing 2012 First Quarter results today. During the first quarter, CareOne providers settled $206.8 million dollars in debt for nearly 28,000 consumers on slightly more than 80,000 individual accounts. This translates to resolving more than $2.2 million in debt on a daily basis and over $95,000 in debt per hour resolved in the 1st Quarter alone. In addition, total Debt Under Management reached $2 billion. Read More.

  • CareOne Celebrates Financial Literacy Month with Free Resources Boston Globe April 18, 2012

    April marks National Financial Literacy Month and the financial experts at CareOne Debt Relief Services want to help consumers celebrate by offering free resource guides. Financial literacy is important, especially in a recession where consumers fear layoffs, go through their savings to meet everyday expenses, or are unable to find work. Read More.

  • CareOne Customer Reaches Halfway Mark of Debt Management Plan and Shares "I've Been in Your Shoes" as part of Care One's new Marketing Plan CBS News April 10, 2012

    Travis Pizel, a CareOne customer, is halfway through his journey out of debt and is sharing his family's experience of life on a Debt Management Plan (DMP). Read More.

  • CareOne Debt Relief Services Launches New Campaign, Second Chances Business Insider March 29, 2012

    CareOne Debt Relief Services, led by its founder, Bernie Dancel, have a new marketing campaign that draws on his personal experience to overcome the negative stereotype plaguing people who are seeking debt help. Read More.

  • New Marketing Effort Embraces Transparency through Social Media Yahoo News March 21, 2012

    In the debt relief industry transparency is difficult to come by, CareOne Debt Relief Services leads the Category with a new Innovative Marketing Effort... Read More.

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