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For a Relaxing Vacation, Plan a Trip That Fits Your Budget

Columbia, MD (PRWEB) July 30, 2007 -- The midsummer travel season is in full swing as energy prices continue to rise. Despite the increased cost of basic living expenses, families are unwilling to do without their annual summer holiday. While vacations are supposed to be fun and relaxing, consumers who are feeling the pinch financially will spend more time worried about breaking their budget than getting sunburned.

Agencies that offer CareOne Credit Counseling services provide great money saving strategies for families who enjoy traveling and don't want to overspend.

  • Plan Early. The more time you give yourself to plan a vacation, the more money you can save in preparation for the trip. Save a set amount of money each month for your travel expenses. Planning ahead also enables you to spread out your payments for lodging and airfare months in advance of the trip. Keep in mind that airfares and hotel accommodations costs can increase significantly on short notice, so the earlier you make your reservations, the more money you'll save.

  • Vacation later in the summer. Since July is one of the busiest travel months, bargains are usually scarce. Don't forget that summer includes August and 21 days in September. Searching for bargains at the end of summer will help stretch for vacation budget.

  • Need two hotel rooms? Get a suite instead. If you are traveling with your family and need more than one hotel room, check to see if there are suites available. Hotel suites are almost cheaper than two separate rooms. An efficiency suite will help you save even more by allowing you to cook some of your own meals instead of eating out every night.

  • Set Budget Limits in Advance. When you're traveling, it's easy to make "little" spontaneous purchases that end up taking a big bite out of your budget. Instead of getting into financial trouble and putting impulse purchases on your credit card, plan a budget for each day's adventure and stick to it. Since you can't be 100% sure what your day will bring, always include a few extra dollars for a "miscellaneous" purchase. That way you can take advantage of one-of-a-kind opportunities without putting a stress on your finances.

  • Small items can cost big bucks. Unexpected convenience spending can add up. Avoid purchasing drinks and snacks at airports, which are priced higher than at a grocery store. If you're staying at a hotel don't make in-room phone calls. Skip breakfast in bed and room service, which are often more expensive than if you went to a local restaurant. Don't purchase commercial photos, and stay out of souvenir shops!

CareOne Credit Counseling services offer many more great budgeting tips on travel as well as other lifestyle issues on www.careonecredit.com. CareOne is the industry's leading debt management program brand, linking consumers together with agencies that provide customized solutions, 24-hour account access, electronic payment options, strict privacy controls, and ongoing support and counseling.

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