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"In 17 days I will have lived credit card free for one year! It's possible to get out of debt responsibly and efficiently."EllabankCareOne Customer

Plans & Services

Debt Relief Plans

When you're faced with debt, it can be hard to see your way out and make sense of your options. CareOneSM providers offer a variety of debt relief solutions, all of which can help you become debt free.

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Ongoing Support

In addition to personalized support, you'll find plenty of tools, tips and advice to help you find relief from debt and learn new ways to manage money. Visit the Discussion Forums in My CareOne, explore the Tip Jar for ways to save money, and find valuable financial advice and information in our monthly newsletter, On Track.

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Save Money, Control Debt, and More!

Staying free from debt is a lifetime commitment - that's why we offer services in addition to credit counseling to help you learn valuable money management skills. Our discount program can help you save on everyday expenses and big-ticket items. Our prepaid credit card gives you convenience and helps you control spending. And our business debt solutions can help small business owners satisfy their creditors, so they can focus on growing their business.

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The CareOneSM Debt Consolidation Guide

Choosing a debt relief plan can be complicated. The CareOneSM Debt Consolidation Guide takes the guesswork out of choosing a solution, giving you a clear picture of your options and what to look for when you're searching for a provider.

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Our calculators can help you figure out your budget, credit card payments, mortgage, and more!

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