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Top 5 Sources of Frugal Entertainment

Finding ways to have fun without spending a lot of money can be difficult. For those people who want to be more frugal and hope to save more, there’s good news. It is possible to reduce how much you spend on entertainment and still have fun. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that, in 2013, the average American household spent $2,482 on entertainment, or about 4.9% of their household budget. That’s a sizable amount of money.

How can you save money and still have fun? Consider these fun sources of frugal entertainment. They can help spur additional ideas as well!

#1: Find Fun Things in Your Community

This is a big one and an area where many people miss out. Most communities (or nearby towns) offer a variety of free events and activities that are available to residents. Take a closer look at these recommendations:

  • Community rec centers often offer pools as well as sponsored events throughout the year
  • Turn to city hall to determine what planned festivals and events are available
  • Look into your parks and recreation department, which often sponsors community events
  • Turn to the chamber of commerce where businesses may provide information about free events
  • Find out if your child’s schools are offering anything fun this month to participate in.

#2: Look for Discounts to Find Frugal Entertainment

If you want to go to the movies, look for the discount day the theater offers. Many museums offer free days and events during the week rather than the weekends. And, you’ll find plenty of family restaurants that offer kids-eat-free days as well. A great way to find these deals is to sign up for the newsletters from the companies you are interested in, or follow them on Facebook!

#3: Look for the Lower Cost Alternative

It’s quite common to feel like you are giving up on your favorite things because of the cost. You just have to be more creative. Instead of going to a Major League Baseball game, look for Minor League games that are often a fraction of the cost. Finding alternatives for your favorite activities takes some creativity, but you can often find solutions.

#4: Volunteer to Help

Have you wanted to go to a sporting event, concert, or even a theater production but didn’t want to spend the money? Often, these organizations are in desperate need of volunteers. When you give your time, you get access to the event and festivities.

#5: Choose Free Creative and Fun Things to Do

Sometimes, you just want something free or low-cost to do right away. Consider these tips:

  • Tour a local factory or bakery for no cost.
  • Visit a local farm to check out the animals.
  • Take advantage of a concert in the park even if it isn’t your style of music.
  • Explore the library and all of its offerings (storytime, internet access, play time, adult book clubs and more)
  • Spend time with friends you haven’t seen in awhile.

Finding low cost or free things to do is well worth it. When you do things like this, you’re also doing activities you may not have tried before, helping you to lower your costs and widen your interests. You can then use those funds to pay down debts so you can enjoy a debt-free lifestyle. Frugal entertainment can be plenty of fun!

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