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Retirement and Estate Planning

Wading through the mountains of information about retirement and estate planning is an ominous task. It requires an understanding of most, if not all, areas of personal finance and it involves making predictions about lifestyle, health and prices for a period of time in the future. That's almost impossible to with any accuracy! Whatever your financial situation, you want to make the best decisions possible to protect your finances, provide for your needs and prevent difficulty for your heirs. Start here to learn the basic information for building a retirement and estate plan you can be comfortable with.
  • Planning for Retirement on a Fixed Income

    Are you going to be able to live comfortably on a fixed income? Check out these tips before you start planning for retirement on a fixed income.

  • The Ins and Outs of 401(k)'s

    Does your employer offer you the option of investing in a 401(k)? Are you investing?

  • Estate Planning

    Proper estate planning may be the difference between providing your heirs with a comfortable inheritance or a major financial headache.

  • Starting to Plan For Retirement in Your 20's

    Who needs to worry about retirement when you're in your 20's? You do! It's never too early to start planning for your golden years.

  • Traditional Pension Plans

    Are you one of the four-in-ten people that receive an employer-paid pension? Count yourself lucky!

  • Starting to Plan For Retirement in Your 50's

    Retirement in 15 years? Feeling too young to retire? If you don't start planning for it now, you may not have the choice.

  • Starting to Plan For Retirement in Your 30's and 40's

    Okay, you've established your career. Maybe you've paid off your student loans. You may have started a family, but have you started planning for retirement?

  • Individual Retirement Accounts

    Learn how an IRA can be a valuable component of your retirement strategy.

  • How Much Retirement Savings Do You Need?

    Retirement planning is not as daunting as you might think. The first step is to figure out how much savings you will need to maintain a comfortable lifestyle during your golden years.

  • All About Social Security Benefits

    How much money can you expect from Social Security when you retire?

  • A New Source for Retirement Advice: Your Employer

    If you’re in a position to start saving for your future, then you need to understand some common financial terms like money market funds, debt securities, target-date funds, and 401(k)’s. But if these words are a bit unfamiliar, it can be challenging to start the savings process.

  • Baby Boomers and the New Face of Retirement

    How are you planning on spending your retirement? Playing golf? Painting watercolors? Volunteering? If you’re part of the baby boomer generation, you may be asking yourself an entirely different question: “Will I be able to retire at all?”

  • Eight Ways to Manage on a Fixed Income in Retirement

    You’ve probably been looking forward to taking it easy now that you’re through with a 40 or 50-hour workweek, but entering retirement brings its own set of challenges – the most pressing being managing your budget on a fixed income. Now, more than ever, is the time to be wise about managing your saving and spending.

  • Should You Go Back to Work After Retirement?

    Many retirees consider going back to work after retirement. But baby boomers should weigh the pros and cons before accepting an offer of employment.

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