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Guide to Smart Insurance Coverage

Insurance is a gamble against loss. Frankly, it's a gamble most people are NOT willing to risk. No matter the cost, most people seek to insure everything from their lives to their possessions. The lucky ones consider their money well-spent if they never have to make a claim. The unlucky ones see their insurance coverage as something good in the midst of whatever difficulty caused their loss. Knowing what, how and how much to insure isn't easy. Before you try, learn what these articles have to say about the process.
  • Auto, Renter's and Home Insurance

    "Stuff" is important. Especially the stuff that belongs to you! Whether you have a lot or a little, protecting your possessions makes good financial sense. Protecting your cars, residences and personal possessions isn't as easy as it may seem. Some types of insurance protection are mandatory. Others only apply in certain geographical areas. Still others may be desirable but cost-prohibitive. Where can you go to find out what you have to have and what you want to have to cover all your stuff? These articles provide excellent information on everything from deductibles to renter's insurance to umbrella liability coverage and they will help you make the best decisions for protecting everything you have.

  • Life Insurance Guide

    Most adults are comfortable with the idea that they need life insurance. If they are uncomfortable about it, it is likely because they don't know what kind of insurance to buy or how much their policy should be worth. Life insurance decisions need to be made carefully, especially when policy choices will affect family members that may be left behind after your death. First, you need to make the decision to purchase life insurance. After that, spend some time here to learn the basics about what kind of life insurance will be best for you.

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