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Finances at Life Stages

At various points in your life, money will mean different things. As a child, it remains abstract. During your youth and student days, it may seem easy to come by. As a young adult, work becomes the source of your money. During retirement and later years, money is a tool. No matter what your stage of life, you will be confronted with challenging financial questions and issues. Arm yourself to answer those challenges by studying the information provided here.
  • Money Management for Students

    When you send your children to college, it's a pretty safe bet that they will have a good academic foundation. Without that, they wouldn't perform well enough to get accepted to college. What will they know about money, though? Will they be prepared to understand, evaluate and manage the variety of "money tasks" they will be faced with? Regardless of what they learn in the classroom, they will also have to manage their education expenses, student loans, monthly budgets and credit cards. Help your children avoid being overwhelmed by debt and learn smart money management by reading the information in this section.

  • Money and Life Changing Events

    Nobody wants to think about the financial difficulties that can arise during life changing events. Even good changes like marriage, births and promotions can cause financial stress without the right preparation. Difficult changes such as divorce and death are even more complicated because they are wrought with emotion as well as financial issues that must be addressed. Hopefully, your life will only have the best kinds of life changing events! Just in case it holds some of both, look here to find the strategies you will need to handle whatever you face.

  • Retirement and Estate Planning

    Wading through the mountains of information about retirement and estate planning is an ominous task. It requires an understanding of most, if not all, areas of personal finance and it involves making predictions about lifestyle, health and prices for a period of time in the future. That's almost impossible to with any accuracy! Whatever your financial situation, you want to make the best decisions possible to protect your finances, provide for your needs and prevent difficulty for your heirs. Start here to learn the basic information for building a retirement and estate plan you can be comfortable with.

  • Money Management for Children and Teens

    Far too often, parents subject their kids to "on the job" training where money is concerned. Some parents assume their children are too young to understand money. Others can afford to give their kids the things they want so they do so. In the process, they neglect to teach them the skills they will need to make and manage money effectively. It's no wonder younger generations are racking up huge amounts of debt with little discipline and no plan for paying it back! If you need help getting started with this important task, start with the information included here.

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