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Money Management for Children and Teens

Far too often, parents subject their kids to "on the job" training where money is concerned. Some parents assume their children are too young to understand money. Others can afford to give their kids the things they want so they do so. In the process, they neglect to teach them the skills they will need to make and manage money effectively. It's no wonder younger generations are racking up huge amounts of debt with little discipline and no plan for paying it back! If you need help getting started with this important task, start with the information included here.
  • 5 Tips to Find an Inexpensive Summer Camp

  • How To Throw Kids' Birthday Party on a Budget

    Don't blow your budget on your kid's birthday party. Learn how to throw a kid's birthday party on a budget.

  • Teaching Kids About Finances

    Learn practical ways to shape your kid's young mind about money.

  • Teaching Your Kids Basic Money Concepts

    You may not be able to rely on your local school to teach your children about money. Here's some information to get you started.

  • Your Teenagers and Their Credit

    Help your high school and college-age children become responsible credit consumers.

  • Teaching Your Kids The Value Of Money

    Whether or not to give your children an allowance is a question all parents must answer. Here are some tips for when you've decided to put your children on your payroll.

  • How to Prepare Your Kids for the Real World

    We all want our kids to grow up happy and optimistic. We want them to experience the world as a safe place where anything is possible and all their dreams come true. Read on for tips on how to prepare your kids for reality without making them want to hide from it.

  • Balancing Budgets and Kids on a Single Income

    It doesn’t seem fair. On top of the stress of raising kids as a single parent, you also have to do it on a single income. It’s hard. We get it. And you’ll get through it. The key is to take control of your finances. It’ll be tough, sure, and you may not be shopping for designer shoes for awhile, but with a little planning, a lot of scrimping and some creative ideas, you can do it—and even have some well-deserved fun once in awhile.

  • 10 Tips for Talking to Teens About Money

    While many moms and dads often give advice to their teenage children about school, sports, and clothes, very few feel comfortable educating them about finances. But, parents are the best source for teaching teens about money.

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