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Avoid Excuses and Get out of Debt

Debt has a way of building and trapping you in a cycle of increasing payments and balances. But when you’re in that kind of debt, you’re very often telling yourself excuses and half-truths that keep your debt building and keep you from getting the help you need to break that cycle. Consider that out of 440,000 CareOne Debt Relief clients, the average amount of debt held per client finally seeking help is approximately $15,000 with an average of 6 creditors each. It takes a lot of denial for a long time to get in that kind of debt! You may need to make some changes to push past the excuses and finally get the help you need to get out of debt.  

EXCUSE #1:  "My debt is not that bad"

Denial is the biggest problem of those who say they want to get out of debt because they cannot face the fact that their debt is a serious problem. You can get stuck in a cycle of spending and paying, and instead of improving your financial situation, it only gets worse as time goes on. Your debt may be a problem, no matter what the amount, if you've been avoiding calls from creditors and you're starting to feel harassed. Additionally, if you cannot make all the minimum monthly payments you owe, you may be suffering financially because of your debt. So the first step in getting out of debt is to admit to yourself that your debt is a problem.

EXCUSE #2:  "I don’t need a budget"

The word "budget" which is simply an itemized estimate of your income and expenses, can be a troublesome concept when you are in denial of your debt. To get out of debt faster, it's important you create a budget to first determine whether you earn enough money to cover your monthly expenses, including debt payments, and to see where you should cut back. If you deny the fact that you may not earn enough income you may never be able to get out of debt.  A reputable company that specializes in debt relief can further evaluate your income and expenses for you and help you create a realistic budget. But first, you have to be willing to stick to the budget and make the agreed-upon payments. And before you know it, you will learn to live with your budget as a guide to help you be more financially responsible.

EXCUSE #3:  "I can get out of debt on my own"

Many people stuck in the cycle of debt say they can tackle it on their own. But can you really? Is it just a matter of tightening your belt? If you do earn enough income to pay your household expenses and debt payments, then you might be able to get out of debt yourself. But if you have already tried to create a realistic budget, put spending limits on yourself, and you have already tried to communicate with your credit card companies and not succeeded, you might need professional help. A specialized debt relief company can help, especially if you are feeling overwhelmed and unsure about your next step. For example, experienced credit counselors may be able to negotiate with credit card companies to reduce interest rates and fees and create an affordable payment plan for your situation.  

EXCUSE #4:  "I just don’t have enough money"

When you carry a large amount of debt from month to month you simply may not have enough money to pay it off, or else you would not have trouble with your payments and expenses. An experienced debt relief counselor’s job is to work with you and your creditors to create a realistic payment plan. You may have to eliminate some of your current expenses or you may have to increase your income slightly if possible. But the truth is, although you may think you can’t afford to payback your creditors, you can’t afford not to pay back your creditors and get out of debt. 

EXCUSE #5:  "I deserve to treat myself"

Instead of whipping out your credit card whenever you want something, think through the negative consequences of making that purchase. Whether your treat is a lipstick, a dinner, a vacation or a flat screen TV, do you really deserve to treat yourself when you already can’t make your payments and your finances are in jeopardy? Using credit cards on impulse buys as an excuse to reward yourself for working hard is a major reason people get into debt. The greater reward for all your hard work would be living a more relaxed, confident, and financially responsible life! When you work with a reputable debt relief company to get out of debt, most often you will have to give up your credit cards once and for all.  You will be committed to your repayment plan and you will not be acquiring any more credit or using the accounts you have.

Excuses and rationalizations need to stop. It may be difficult to admit that your debt is holding you back and saying 'no' to impulse purchases may be hard right now, but it will be well worth the sacrifice. It may also be tough to reach out and ask for help because you're embarrassed, but know that you're not alone on this journey. People are successful in getting out of debt every day. So once you make the decision to get out of debt, you will have the long-lasting reward and satisfaction of knowing you're working towards accomplishing your goals and securing your financial future. 

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