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Do Credit Card Relief Programs Work?


If you’re serious about paying off your credit cards and other personal debts as quickly as possible, you probably spend a fair amount of time searching the internet looking for solutions. And that means there’s a good chance you’ve seen plenty of sites talking about credit card relief program options like grants and low-interest “loans” that can help you eliminate debt fast, regardless of your income and your credit score. When you’re already feeling panicked and trapped by your debt, those big, bold headlines look awfully tempting. But just how “real” are those so-called credit card debt relief programs? And do they really work? Here’s the scoop.

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How Do Credit Card Relief Programs Work?

The answer to that question is - it depends on the program. Certainly, sites that offer too-good-to-believe claims of overnight debt relief are just that - too good to be true. And companies that offer to find government or private grants to wipe out your debt entirely - ditto. These companies typically try to reel you in with catchy "teaser" headlines in order to promote their own costly (and often unreliable) products. But there are legitimate credit card debt relief options out there, and they can help you get out of debt on the income you have right now. The catch: You have to do a little homework to find a reliable, reputable program that’s right for your needs and financial circumstances.

What to Look For in Credit Debt Relief Program

A legitimate credit card relief program doesn’t begin by offering pie-in-the-sky, too-good-to-be-true promises of quick fixes for your debt. Instead, it starts by assessing your finances and your current debt load to gain a real-life “snapshot” of your circumstances. These programs are staffed by experienced debt counselors and negotiators who work toward developing real solutions based on each client’s individual needs and goals. They know there’s no overnight answer to credit card debt - but there are ways to make the debt easier to pay off, and even ways to reduce fees and interest rates to decrease the total amount you owe. Once the debt counselor has a clear picture of your finances, they’ll take the next step, contacting your individual creditors to negotiate better terms for you. That might mean removing late fees and other penalties, lowering your interest rates or other changes that can make your debt easier to handle on your current budget. Following those negotiations, your counselor will work with you to set up a payment schedule that’s simple to manage. Typically, that means you only need to pay one monthly amount to pay off multiple debts - no matter how many accounts you have. Instead of remembering to pay a list of creditors each month, you just write one check (or make one transfer) and your credit counselor does the rest, distributing the funds to your creditors on your behalf. Much easier on your budget - and much less stress on you. And there’s one more benefit to working side-by-side with a legitimate, reliable debt relief company like CareOne Debt Relief Services: You get access to a library of useful articles and tips to help you pay off your debt even faster - and to help you stay out of debt in the future.

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Credit Card Debt Help: A Real Solution

When it comes to finding the best credit card relief program for your needs, here's the bottom line: Look for a company that's dedicated to working for your interests - not theirs. While there may not be any magical programs to wipe out your debts overnight, credit counseling and debt relief programs like those offered by CareOne providers can help you manage, restructure or even reduce your debts so it’s easier for you to pay them off. Instead of wasting more time cruising the web in search of a magical solution, use your time wisely and take control of your finances on your own terms. Get started right now by calling CareOne Debt Relief Services at 1-866-497-1639 and requesting your free debt analysis today.

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