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How do I Choose a Settlement Provider?

Selecting the right provider is a critical component to your success in becoming debt-free through Debt Settlement.

What To Look For In A Settlement Provider

  • Solid record with the Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • In business long enough to have built a solid reputation
  • Electronic payment processing to ensure consistency
  • Existing relationships with most creditors and collection agencies
  • Support network to connect with other community members and find out how they are handling the day-to-day challenges of being in debt
  • Reasonable fee structure - ask the amount of fees and how they are paid (many settlement firms try to hide their excessive fees)
  • Full disclosure of how settlement works, fees involved, likely impacts to credit profile, and the projected time to complete the program
  • Robust educational resources to help you build your money management skills


Review the Settlement Provider Checklist

Use our Settlement Provider Checklist to compare the CareOneSM service with other services.

Settlement Provider Checklist

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