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Debt Consolidation in Columbus, OH

As the 16th largest city in the United States, Columbus, Ohio is home to over 797,000 residents representing numerous backgrounds, ethnicities, and political affiliations. It is this type of diversity that has made Ohio’s capital a frequent campaign stop during presidential elections. In recent months, Columbus has continued to grab headlines – this time due to its booming economy. In the past two years, no other region has created more jobs than the Columbus metropolitan area1.

In fact, residents of Columbus have enjoyed a decline in unemployment rate from 7.3% in January of 2012 to 5.4% in December2. Furthermore, according to the internal data from CareOne Debt Relief Services®, on non-loan related consumer debt consolidation in Columbus shows that in 2012, Columbus residents owed a staggering 27.6% less than the national average. Despite these positive trends, many residents continue to struggle with their finances. According to a recent report from the Corporation for Enterprise Development and Policy Matter3, Ohio ranks 36th in the country based on residents’ ability to achieve financial security—a statistic which is partially based on the number of borrowers who are past due on debt payments.

Whether you’re searching for an alternative to a loan, or you simply wish to make paying off your debts more manageable, we encourage you to call one of our Certified Personal Finance Counselors® to help you evaluate all your options for debt consolidation in Columbus, OH. Many of us have overcome similar challenges and are uniquely qualified to help you with your financial needs. We’ll provide you with a free and thorough analysis of your debt and we’ll help you select a realistic and customized plan to achieve your goals.

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"I joined the CareOne family in January of 2009. After 2 years and 3 months on the plan, I paid off close to $9,000 of debt. CareOne was a blessing and changed my life. I now have total control of my financial situation. THANK YOU CAREONE."
–Alex W., Columbus, OH
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