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Older New Hampshire Residents Seeking Debt Relief

We know that debt affects the lives of many Americans, and we know that debt happens to good people. Many of the providers of CareOne Debt Relief Services® have experienced our own struggles with debt and we understand, first hand, what you’re going through. We’re passionate in our belief that everyone deserves a second chance at a debt-free life and it is our mission to help residents of all states achieve their financial goals.

We know from speaking with residents of New Hampshire every day that even though their state is recovering from the recession faster than others, there are many New Hampshirites still struggling to make ends meet. For example, even though New Hampshire may be enjoying a low unemployment rate (5.1% as compared to the national average of 8.2%)1 and a higher than average median household income2, other economic indicators show that not everyone is prospering.

According to a recent report from MSNBC, the average amount of personal credit card debt is $7,748 per resident, the second highest rate in the nation3. The “Granite State” is also experiencing a high rate of bankruptcy and foreclosure. In 2012 there were over 2,000 bankruptcy filings, which averages out to 3.23 filings per capita (1,000 people)4 and foreclosures averaged one in every 779 housing units, putting the state at the higher end of the national scale5.

CareOne’s own internal data reiterates the fact that many residents of New Hampshire are finding difficulty meeting their financial obligations. The number of individual debts reported by residents seeking debt relief increased 4% from 2010 to 2011 and the average amount of debt owed in 2011 was 16% higher than our national average, despite the fact that that number had actually decreased 2% from the previous year.

Another alarming statistic we saw was the increase in older New Hampshire residents seeking debt relief. The number of 45 to 54 year old residents seeking debt relief increased 1% from 2010 to 2011 and was 18% higher than our national average. The number of 55 to 64 year olds seeking debt relief rose 11% during that same time and was 24% higher than our national average. Lastly the number of New Hampshirites aged 65 years and older who were in search of debt relief was 5% higher than our national average, even with a 2% decrease from the previous year.

It’s clear that many older residents are struggling although the immediate cause for this shift may not be easy to define. One possible factor may be that one in three residents of New Hampshire is a “Baby Boomer” who may be experiencing the need for increased medical care. According to StateHealthFacts.org, 16% of the population is uninsured and 10.4% of the population is made up of adults with disabilities6. In addition, the site also reports that the average life expectancy is one year higher than the national average. While a longer life is a positive, that also could mean that New Hampshire residents need to plan to spend more money on health care over the course of their lives.

If you’re a resident of New Hampshire and are suffering financially, we want to help. We’re the nation’s largest brand of debt relief and have helped over 5 million people and counting. We can help you too. Call us to learn more about available solutions to help suit your unique situation.

For further reading on debt in other New England states see our articles on Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut


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