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Residents Seek Debt Consolidation in Fresno, CA

Much like Los Angeles and other California cities, Fresno is still experiencing severe economic obstacles that are making a significant impact on its residents. The latest unemployment rate for Fresno, as of November 2012, is 14.4%, 85% higher than the national average1, and 47% higher than the state average. In addition, the U.S. Census reports that 26% of Fresno residents are currently living below the poverty line, which is 81% higher than the national average.

One bright spot on Fresno’s economic horizon may be that the rate of foreclosures continues to fall2. According to The Business Journal, a steady decline in delinquent mortgages has dropped Fresno’s foreclosure rate to 3.07%, 7% lower than the national average in September 2012. Our own internal CareOne data shows that a positive recovery trend may be around the corner for Fresno.

The number of residents who sought information about loan-free debt consolidation in Fresno decreased 25% from 2011 to 2012. And those who did seek debt relief help reported owing less debt in 2012 than they did the year prior, which follows the national trend. However, the need for debt management resources is still prevalent. Many residents of Fresno may still have thousands of dollars in unsecured and credit card debt they need help with; that’s where the providers of CareOne Debt Relief Services® can help.

At CareOne, our mission is to help you find a better way out of debt. Many of us, including our founder Bernie Dancel, have been in debt and understand the stress and worry that can come with it. It’s not bankruptcy, and it’s not a loan, it’s a realistic plan to help you pay down your debt more effectively. Whether you’re looking for debt consolidation in Fresno, or elsewhere, our Certified Personal Finance Counselors® want to help. They’ll provide a free review of your debt and then walk you through all your options so you can choose a debt relief plan that works for you and your budget.

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2 The Business Journal, http://www.thebusinessjournal.com/news/real-estate/4037-corelogic-fresno-foreclosure-rate-falls-again


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"My biggest financial success was enrolling with CareOne. CareOne has given me financial freedom. Before CareOne I was living paycheck to paycheck and I was using my credit cards to buy basic necessities, like many Americans."
– Jesus S. ,Fresno, CA
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