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"Thanks to CareOne, I was out of debt in October. I am so grateful to CareOne for all of their wisdom and great coaches!"Angela G., Mukilteo, WACareOne Customer
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Need for Debt Consolidation in Phoenix, AZ Remains

The state of Arizona and its capital city of Phoenix are currently experiencing a slow but steady recovery from the Great Recession. For example, not only is the housing market1 slowly rebounding, but the unemployment rate in Phoenix also continues to decrease. As of November 2012, the unemployment rate for the Phoenix-Mesa-Glendale area has dropped to 6.5%, which is 20% lower than the national unemployment rate2. However, total recovery is not yet assured and many residents may still require loan-free debt consolidation in Phoenix.

The median household income in Phoenix remains at $48,596, 4% lower than the national average, and 20% of Phoenicians are currently living below the poverty line3. Our own internal CareOne data also shows that the level of debt in Phoenix is rising. The number of individual creditors reported by residents seeking debt relief increased 10% from 2011 to 2012. Likewise the average amount of debt owed, as reported by citizens of Phoenix, also rose during that same time period, by 5%.

The providers of CareOne Debt Relief Services® understand just how hard it can be to make ends meet when you’re on a tight budget and facing multiple economic obstacles. Many of us, including our founder, have been in your shoes and know how easy it is to rely on credit cards to meet your financial obligations, and how quickly those credit card balances can spiral out of control. If you need help managing your debt and are looking for an option for debt consolidation in Phoenix, without a loan, we encourage you to contact us today.

We know what it takes to get out of debt and we are dedicated to sharing that knowledge and information with others. Call one of our Certified Personal Finance Counselors® to learn more about the multiple plans we offer. They’ll conduct a complimentary debt analysis and explain all your debt relief options so that you can choose a plan designed to meet the specific needs of your budget and circumstances.

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Customer Testimonial

"I thought I was going to have to file for bankruptcy, but thanks to CareOne, I am now debt-free. No more credit cards for me! Thank you CareOne for saving me and my credit, I have told so many people about CareOne and they have become clients too!"
– Debbie K., Phoenix, AZ
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