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"We were in debt for over ten years and were relieved to be able to make monthly payments to CareOne to begin to get our lives back."Deborah J., Conley, GACareOne Customer
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How's Your Financial Health?
Take this short quiz to evaluate your financial health.
Are You Living Beyond Your Means?
Have you become accustomed to a lifestyle you can’t afford? Take our quiz to find out if you’re living beyond your means.
Are You Prepared for a Financial Emergency?
Unexpected events can wreak havoc on your finances. Have you taken steps to prepare for a financial crisis?
How Much Do You Know About Online Shopping?
In order to protect your privacy and shop wisely on the Web, there are certain things you should know. How much do you know about online shopping?
Are You Paying Too Much for Utilities?
Are you paying too much for your utilities? Take our quiz to find out now.
Do you feel your job is secure?
As the US economy continues to change, CareOne is asking individuals if they feel their job is secure.
How will you be paying for holiday shopping this year?
Are you planning on making changes to your budget ithis year?
Everyone's lives are constantly changing. As such, so should your personal budget. Do you adjust your budget based on life changes?
Do you have an emergency fund?
In the event of an emergency, are you and your family prepared financially? Take our poll to see where you measure with other individuals.
Do you ever feel pressure to "keep up with the Joneses"?
Living beyond your means is a sure way to get in debt. Take aur poll and see how you compare to others in the CareOne community when it comes to maintaining a lifestyle that suits your budget.

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