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What is a private message?

Sending a private message is like sending an e-mail within The Community. When you send a private message to other Community members, that message is visible only to them. No private information, such as the user's e-mail address, is ever disclosed.

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Why do I need to register to post in the forums and post a comment in the CareOne blogs?

The CareOne Community requires that you create an account before you start posting in the forums and adding a comment to the blogs. Although you can still read posts and comments as a guest. Registering for an account also allows you to take advantage of all the features in The Community, including setting your own avatar, rating a discussion thread, adding favorites, tracking post counts, e-mailing other users and sending private messages. It only takes a few seconds to register!

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How do I post a new message to a discussion?

When you view a discussion, you should see a Write a New Post button. This will open a text area for you to type your new message. When you are finished, click the Post button at the bottom of the page.

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I just posted a message, why don't I see it?

Some boards in The Community may be moderated. After you post a message in a moderated board, you may receive a message stating that the post is awaiting moderation. Once the moderator(s) approve your post your post will become visible. The moderators may choose to move, edit, or delete your post to ensure that the post is appropriate to the current board.

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What is My CareOne?

My CareOne is a section of our site that allows you to customize content, so you can track your progress, keep tabs on your financial goals, access the Community forums and blogs, and more. With My CareOne, you can receive messages about your program, edit your profile, and view your program details.

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